Monday, July 28, 2008

PARASPARA: Healthcare Consulting, Sunday - July 27

Smriti Bhatia has worked with AT Kearney for close to three years primarily with the Healthcare practice. She began talking about the scope and the opportunity of Healthcare consulting and the various parties it involves. Healthcare consulting can involve Pharma companies, Hospitals and Health insurance providers, medical device companies and allied industries like pharmaceutical retail. The nature of projects can vary from that of corporate strategy to operations and marketing. She then gave examples of projects done by ATK in all these domains. For a mid-sized pharmaceutical company, she worked on a project that identifies areas of growth for the firm. The client was looking for international expansion and ATK identified 3 Therapeutic areas of focus based on the market potential and client’s internal strengths. Second stage of project then entailed the modus operandi of growth in the three TAs including acquiring target drugs in development, acquiring another company and strengthening already marketed products. Other examples given included improving operational efficiency of a healthcare provider in UK and organizational redesign for a pharmaceuticals wholesaler.

Ankita Gupta worked with Analytic Services at McKinsey Knowledge Center. Apart from other work, she has also worked with National Health Services, UK. Ankita talked about the different kind of studies that McKinsey has done in the Healthcare domain. She spoke about different studies that she has done as a part of this which include benchmarking studies; and studies to determine the optimal service mix that could be offered to the patients. McKinsey improved the processes of different operations like staffing and managing the patient inflow. Ankita talked about her team that was composed of Pharma majors and various other grads. She stressed upon the fact that the healthcare sector is open for all those who have a passion for this sector. This sector is not restricted only to doctors, she herself does not have any education regarding medicine. Aspirants having previous experience in this sector and enthusiasm can look at a bright career.

Anand (ISB Co2006) a Senior Consultant working with Deloitte attended the “Paraspara” session today. He was extremely happy with the initiatives taken by the consulting club and the activities of the club. He informed the club that Deloitte is the world’s top consulting firm in the healthcare sector. Deloitte Audit and Enterprise Risk Services (AERS) and Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations (S&O) recruit from ISB. He had worked in FMCG sector and is currently working in Life Sciences and Healthcare sector. He emphasized on the fact that a background in a certain industry is not the sureshot formula for success. A consultant should be passionate and should know how to come up with solutions to the client’s problems. Deloitte S&O takes up projects for US and APAC clients. Deloitte has a separate firm that does work for Indian clients. Later Anand met up with the core members of the club and discussed the activities of the club and how Deloitte could participate more in those activities. Anand is the “brand ambassador” for ISB in Deloitte and will look after recruitment from ISB.

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