Sunday, July 20, 2008

Class of 2009 takes over


Here comes another enthusiastic batch at ISB, full of verve and energy. The activities of the Consulting Club were kickstarted even before the elections took place, this is something that speaks volumes about the enthusiasm of the current batch. With the elections over and the core team in place, the club activities are vrooming ahead.

The fundamental philosophy driving the Consulting Club’s activities would be a spirit of “engagement”.
1. Engage with a wider variety of firms to provide the student body with greater insights into the world of Consulting from a perspective relevant to the courses taught at ISB and the level of preparedness required for Placement Week.

2. Engage with Alumni a lot more throughout the course of this year by keeping them posted on the club’s activities, newsletters etc.

3. Engage with firms more regularly through multiple interaction points such as sharing research, recent happenings and case-based info sessions rather than the regular pre-placement presentations.

Lots of new initiatives have been planned and will be implemented shortly. This year will prove to be a benchmark for the coming batches. One of the greatest strengths of ISB has been alumni support. We have got a widespread support of the alums who are going to guide us as we march ahead.

Here's to an exciting year ahead. Do keep reading this space for further updates.

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EagleEye said...

Finally,action starts ;-)
Keep us posted.