Monday, October 22, 2007

Oliver Wyman PPT, 19th October, 2007

These are the notes of the Oliver Wyman PPT on the 19th of October, 2007 at ISB.

The people present from OW were

Manny Montoria - Talent Manager, Mark Kremers - A principal from the Dutch(cluster) consulting and ISB alum of 2006 Sunil Rana.Mr. Kremers was a principal from the CMT group which is the Communications, Media and Technology group.

They informed the audience Mercer + Mercer O&W + Delta are al now under the umbrella of OW.The track record of OW was for all to see. They declared that OW makes 500 $ + per consultant per year. They have revenues of nearly 1.2 Billion $ and a market share of 3 % and a growth rate of 25 %.

Their CCG ( Core Consulting Group ) consists of the GMC ( General Managment Consulting ) and the FSC ( Financial Services consulting ). The GMC in particular caters to the following verticals-

- Automotive - Germany
- CMT - Middle East
- Aviation - Middle East
- Surface Transport - Middle East
- Retailing

They also explained as to why OW is placed in Dubai . Some key takeaways about O&W were

- A very collaborative environment
- Exposure to real clients and responsibility from day 1.
- Early and deep specialization
- International work from day 1
- Result oriented promotions
- Commitment to mentorship and feedback
- Large connected alumni network

Some of their major clients include Mashreq Bank, Q tel and Qatar airways. OW are specialists in capital markets. They have completed enormous assignments which involved due diligence and valuations of fast growing companies and hence specialized in M&A.

Key Dates

Deadline - 25th of Nov, 2007 ( Cover Letter + CV )
1st Round interview - Jan 2nd week ( knock - out ); 1 -2 interviews
2nd Round interview - Feb Mid;3 interviews at Hyderabad or Dubai

Additional Points - Try and be creative in the Cover letter;focus on industry rather than functional specialization

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