Monday, October 22, 2007

Everest Consulting PPT @ ISB

Everest Consulting @ ISB for PPT, 22nd October, 2007

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Vivek, ISB alum 2005, Prior Work Experience at Sapient+Areva

Gaurav Gupta, Head, Everest Consulting, India - 10 years work ex, started off in New York . Worked with Infosys before joining Everest. Then moved to McKinsey as an engagement manager.Worked for 5 years before joining Everest. Was a part of the McKinsey and Co. team which saw through the inception of ISB.

About Everest Consulting

Experts of Global Sourcing, Captive Strategies, Services Outsourcing, Specific sourcing issues and Outsourcing. Also help clients with syndicated data.

15 -16 years old firm. 130 – 140 ppl world wide.

Distinction – Analytics Insight, Experienced outsourcing professionals, Research group.

Main verticals of operation – Travel and Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and Energy.

-85 % of the outsourcing is not labor arbitrage but for other reasons. They have set up a research institute to study outsourcing transactions. The Institute has around 30 – 35 people.

Indian Setup - 2.5 – 3 years in India. Mainly global projects. First Indian project completed 12 – 18 months back. Very focused career path. India to become the hub of all Everest activities in Asia. Office is in Gurgaon – 40 to 45 people.

Recruitment - No specific requirements for work ex. Two distinct skills will be given preference – strong analytical skills or some operational skills in terms of a shared service center. Moolah will not be a problem.

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