Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Start of the New Season - Event 1


The Boston Consulting Group visited the ISB campus to meet the Consulting Club members on the 5th of July, 2007. The BCG team comprised of Arvind Subramaniam, Akshit Shah, Ramesh Jha, Navneet Vasishth and James Abhraham. The BCG team gave an not only gave an introduction to BCG but also to the evolution and future of strategy. The club members were most interested in every word the team had to say and the riveting session lasted for 2 hours leaving the crowd even more insatiable than before.
The following topics were discussed

- Introduction to CC by the BCG team.
- The Contribution to the Intellectual Capital of Strategy by BCG over the years.
- Introduction to Strategy? What it is and where it originated from? How the Greek were the first ones to use this much clich├ęd term in the world of Strategy (Greek definition Strat=Lead and Argos=Army)
- The importance of the client in the consulting world.
- Foundation of Strategy and BCG’s Legacy in the field.
- Introduction to the much read concepts of Scale and Market share and how these to concepts evolved to being the first applications of strategy to business
- Analysis of the learning curve.
- Introduction to the BCG matrix.
- The changing face of the corporate world and along with it strategy. As James said “ A former CEO of BCG said that the corporates of today are moving from being Symphonies to Jazz ensembles”
- The concept of Positional Strategy vs Capability Strategy.
- The various diversifications of Capabilities i.e. of knowledge, of process and of nimbleness.
- The paradigm shifts from the Experience curve in the 60s to the Competitive cost structure in the 70s to the Competition of time in the 80s
- The evolution of Competitive advantage through sustainable relationships.
- The concept of tradeoff between how rich is the data and how far can it reach out to people and how the Internet has changed that!
- The concept of Traditional deconstruction
- How the internet Is helping the evolution of Competitive Advantage through relationships as the data can travel half way around the world and reach the person on the street in no time.
- Conclusion - Uniqueness is the innovation of strategy, looking for new frontiers, grounding research in client works and that is BCG’s competitive advantage
- The introduction of certain portals to help ISB students to resolve queries and benefit with the help of BCG resources.


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Its good to see you guys posting again.
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Nice to see this active again.
All the best to all of you!

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Good to see that the blog is getting active again. Keep it coming.

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