Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Class of 2007 signs off

Dear All,

The placement process at ISB is in its final stages and hence it is a right time for the Class of 2007 to sign off from this blog.

If last year was a great year for ISB in terms of consulting placements – this year was even better. All records in terms of number of consulting offers were broken. ISB will officially announce the placement report at the end of the placement process. But in terms of consulting placements – this has perhaps been the best performance on any campus in India.

We hope this blog served its purpose of being a platform for sharing information and helping ISB students in preparing for consulting placements. For the non-ISB readers of the blog – we hope that this blog gave you some insights into consulting and how ISB students go about preparing for the top consulting jobs on offer.

A lot of people have played important roles in ensuring that ISB had great consulting placements this year. We would like to sincerely thank all of them. Special thanks to the ISB alums and students of the current batch who collaborated and helped each other through the last few months.

So with this – the Class of 2007 signs off. We welcome the Class of 2008 and wish them all the very best. We hope that they will continue with this blog and have even better consulting placements next year.

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Anonymous said...

Great job everyone ! Many congratulations on a record breaking year.
--Yash (Co2006)

Aditya Sarvjeet said...

Great show buddy..hope you all do well in your post ISB stints as well!!!

-Aditya (Co2008)

Anonymous said...

Great Showing guys.... Best of luck for the future too....

Satish (Class'o 08)