Thursday, July 20, 2006

Falling Rupee--Good News !!

The Indian rupee continues its upward march against the dollar and there was no intervention from the RBI till yesterday. According to a TOI article published yesterday, although the rupee/dollar real exchange rate continues to be strong, a worldwide strengthening of the dollar has lead to a weaker rupee.

The strengthening of the dollar against the rupee is being considered as good news for the Indian business having huge receivables in dollars ( in particular the software firms--) a weaker rupee means more rupee for each dollar receivable and this could lead to boosting up of bottom line for many of the firms.

The RBI believes that as long as the rupee/ dollar real exchange rate is in good shape i.e to say that macroeconomic fundamentals are strong enough a weaker rupee only means good news for Indian firms in the short run. Though, what percentage fall is not a risk to the currency is something to think about


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