Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Notes from Pramath Sinha’s visit

Pramath’s talk focused on two aspects of preparation.
- Personal interview
- General awareness

On the personal interview front, Pramath pointed out that there is no substitute to typing out the answers. He listed the following questions which are bound to be asked in one form or the other:
1. What do you want to do in life?
2. Why ?
3. How will help you reach your goal?
4. Why should we recruit you? / What do you bring to the table?
a. Your strengths
b. Your weaknesses
c. Team experience
d. Leadership experience
e. Major Success
f. Biggest Failure
You can add to this list…

On the general awareness front, Pramath implored us to read at least one business daily and two magazines per week. Following is the gist of the points he highlighted:
1. Speak and think like an MBA. Use the right phrases during a discussion
2. Be in position to talk about any issues that are of general importance
3. Have an in-depth knowledge about two industries other than your original industry
4. Have an informed perspective / view on issues

To address the general awareness bit, consulting club is considering a new initiative where we will provide a forum to all interested parties to engage in a perspective building discussion on a regular basis. Request you all to participate whole heartedly as these sessions are not just consulting specific; they will be of use in any interview.

-- Yash

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