Monday, August 25, 2008

Oliver Wyman Informal Alum Interaction Event

Sunil Rana (Co 2005) and Abhishek (Co 2007) gave an informal presentation on Oliver Wyman, its offices and its organizational structure. Sunil informed the audience that Oliver Wyman has undergone rebranding last year. Rebranding was undertaken to re-enforce the firm's positioning and values, and unify different existing consulting firms under a single powerful brand. Oliver Wyman was formed in May 2007 through the union of three fast growing, world class consulting firms. The three firms were Mercer Management Consulting, Mercer Oliver Wyman and Mercer Delta Organizational Consulting. Oliver Wyman is part of the leading group Marsh & McLennan Companies. Combined revenues of the Oliver Wyman group have crossed $ 1.5 billion last year. Firm has grown organically as well as inorganically where highly selective acquisitions have played a key role in achieving firm’s vision of deep expertise in its areas of focus. The firm has grown at 25 % CAGR over the past few years achieving the highest CAGR in the industry among its peers. According to Sunil, in 2006 Oliver Wyman had 3 % market share in the Management and Economic Consulting Market.
Oliver Wyman works across a broad range of industries and is a global consulting leader in many of these, e.g., aviation, telecommunication, financial services, retail, logistics etc. Oliver Wyman’s Dubai office caters to the African Continent, Indian Subcontinent and parts of South East Asia. Alums touched upon the “Consulting in International Arena. Consultants” by talking about their Dubai office, which has consultants from over 30 nationalities work out of Dubai Office.
Middle East is an extremely fast growing market. The focus is on growth and it is very consulting friendly. Dubai, in itself is a very vibrant city and has quickly established itself as a big brand on the global map. In addition, its friendly tax regime (zero income tax) attracts people from across the globe. However, summers are hot and traffic can be a turn off.
The firm emphasizes on maintaining a good work life balance and its consultants usually come back to Dubai (home office for the Middle East region) on Wednesday evening. They spend a day at the home office and fly out on Sunday mornings to their respective client locations. A typical project can have multiple dimensions (across industries) and may span multiple geographies. Consultants are constantly on the move and travel to different countries for case work (primarily within, and sometimes even beyond). With respect to recruiting, the firm places a lot of emphasis on cross cultural experiences and analytical rigor in its interviews and selection process.

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