Friday, September 29, 2006

Consulting in cross cultural environments by ATK

A.T Kearney visited the ISB on 22nd September to share some perspectives about Consulting in cross cultural environments. The session was conducted by Raman Mangalokar (Principal), Supratim Banerjee (Manager, ISB Class of 2002) and Ankur Warikoo (Senior Business Analyst, ISB Class of 2006).

The team shared their experiences about consulting with various business over the course of their career and how working with culturally diverse teams added to their experience. Raman recalled and shared his experiences of working out of ATK’s Chicago office and the different experiences he had working with cross cultural teams.

The team also spoke about ATK, the kind of work done by the firm and how an ATK consultant is passionate about not just making recommendations for the problem they are trying to solve but also, to see through the implementation of the solution.

Supratim also shared his perspectives and spoke about his experience with ATK for last 4 years.

On 23rd Sept, Ankur conducted a resume analysis session for the benefit of the students interested in consulting and ran us through a case study of his own resume and how he worked on it to shape it up for applying to Consulting firms. Use of effective verbs, and efficient presentation tactics to bring out all the positive aspects of one’s profile was stressed upon.

Both the sessions were attended by a large number of students and the consulting club would like to thank the ATK team for visiting the campus and interacting with the students.


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righty said...

This almost completes the list of companies I would love to work with... :)

Would have been an overwhelming and insightful experience for you lucky guys in ISB...

Keep posting!!!