Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Interesting trends in IT industry

As a follow-up after my session on 'Global Delivery Model' here is an excellent article that talks about the emerging dynamics in the Indian IT industry.

It makes a passing reference to a new delivery model christened 'Networked Delivery Model'. In my understanding the key difference between Global and Networked Delivery Model is that the latter may include multiple delivery centers in the same geography operating as a mesh. For example, Chile may provide Insurance (verticle) domain serivces while Mexico may provide Application Development and Maintenance (horizontal) services and India may provide Engineering and QA (horizontal) services.

The main advantages are:
1. Increased localization - European office has better grip over European insurance sector
2. Increased specialization - Chile office focuses mainly on Insurance, India on solution derlivery
3. Increased robustness (risk mitigation) because of increased geographical spread - In built fail over system

In my opinion, in the long run this model will allow TCS to develop processes and competencies at one center (say Solution Delivery capabilities at India) and then roll them out across many other centers (say Latin America). Thus, the main hub will function as a center of excellence in a particular horizontal / verticle.

Although, the article's focus is on TCS' strategies, I think it gives a very good perspective on the changing paradigm in the Indian IT industry. I got this article from an alum - Vijayant Gupta Co 2002. Thanks Vijayant!


-- Yash


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Feb 1 is the countdown for the placement month.